Dear WVEA Members,
Senate Bill SB 98 requires us to keep track of attendance, daily and weekly participation for each student, and engagement during distance learning. California Department of Education and LACOE have provided us with documents to account for the above mentioned items. However, those documents are extremely time consuming. We have worked with the District and the District auditors to come up with a way to meet the requirements while at the same time avoiding additional paperwork. In order to eliminate the paperwork, the following needs to be done:

  1. During the time from 8:00- 11:30 A.M for grades TK/K and 8:00-12:30 P.M. for grades 1-12 you need to keep the students on Zoom or your virtual meeting.
  2. Do not let the students log off of a Zoom/Virtual meeting even when they are working independently.
  3. You do NOT have to teach the entire time. You can present your lesson, have students work independently, and check back in with them but they must stay logged on to a Zoom/Virtual meeting.
  4. It is okay for the students to turn off their camera and mute themselves as long as they don’t log off.
  5. You may also turn off your camera and mute but you still need to be available if a student has a question or needs help.
  6. If a student happens to log off early, don’t worry about it. You don’t have control over your student’s computer. But... your whole class should NOT log off early.
  7. It is okay to have students log off during recess/snack/nutrition time.
  8. Basically, keep doing what you are doing with the exception of letting students log off of your meeting early. If you are working with a small group of students, have the other students turn off their camera, mute themselves, and turn down their volume but don’t allow them to log off.
  9. By doing the above steps, we are able to avoid the ridiculous amount of documentation the state and county want us to complete on a daily basis. The auditor will be able to use our bell schedules and the attendance from Aeries. If needed, the auditor will also pull Zoom/Virtual meeting data and google classrooms to make sure we are staying connected to the Zoom and meeting our mandated minutes.
  10. In the near future we will also be asked to sign off on our attendance sheets but it will be a virtual signature through Aeries. That technology is still in the works.

    Thank you,

    Salli Collins
    Joshua Henness
    Gary Imai
    Lisa Peterson
    WVEA Negotiating Team
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MOU between the WVEA and the WVUSD
WVEA 2020 Retiree Tribute
WVEA Retirees
Johann Aaron   RHA/HAART
Pei-Ying Chai   Diamond Bar High
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Mary Jo Gomez   Walnut High
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Ronald Kim   Evergreen
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Katherine Royer   Evergreen
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Jane Wai   Evergreen
Happy Day of the Teacher!  The WVEA Executive Board would like to thank you for the work you do each and every day.  It is no surprise that you have gone above and beyond during this pandemic to continue to provide a world class education to our students   It is an honor to work along side you. We are stronger together!

Be safe,
Lisa Peterson
WVEA President

Representative Council Meeting

September 16 at 3:15pm
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